A COVID-19 paper in retrospect

We submitted a COVID-19-related paper recently, reporting a longitudinal proteomic investigation of diverse serological patterns in COVID-19 (link to the paper: medRxiv). It is not a paper with fancy analysis nor sophisticated modeling per se, yet the journey of shaping up the research work is quite interesting. Briefly, during COVID-19, we found that some patients did not secret serum IgG or IgM (seronegative) whereas others secreted drastically high levels of serum IgM. We thus used clinical i…read more

Caching a memo for CNHUPO2021

Here I cache the memo for CN-HUPO 2021 conference. Different fields of proteomics share similar logics and same perspectives Besides plenary sessions, I tried different disciplines of sessions that talked about researches out of clinical proteomics, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical proteomics, the top-down strategies, etc. For example, Gang Li with his targeted proteomic approach ADPL (activity dependent proximity ligation) made me realize that TMTpro and its resemblence, which have becom…read more