COVID-19-related clinical trials that use proteomics

8162 trials related to COVID-19 were registered in as of August 24, 2022. I am curious how many of them are related to proteomics. The following content records results of my interest. I searched on using keywords “COVID-19” and “Proteomics”, which returned 39 results. In them, 4 are not yet recruiting, 20 are recruiting, 6 are active yet not recruiting, and 3 are completed. The rest are suspended, terminated, or in an unknown status.…read more

Bibliometric Analysis of Single Cell Proteomics: 2012-2022

Note: The analyses were originated from and I made several adjustments on the layout and content. For academic use only. 1.摘要本文基于PubMed文献数据库,使用citexs赛特新思数据分析平台,对2012-01至2022-12关于 single cell 和 proteomics 研究进行文献分析及大数据挖掘,梳理该领域的发展历程,分析研究主题的热点变化等,将分析结果可视化,旨在对single cell 和 proteomics相关领域研究进行系统综述和趋势展望,探讨当前的研究动态及热点,挖掘分析尚需改进的内容,以期为后续研究提供参考。 2.数据来源(1)数据来源于PubMed数据库(2)时间跨度:2012-01至2022-12(3)文献类型:article(4)语种:English(5)共检索到 1443 篇文献(6)检索词:(single cell) AND (proteomics) 3.研究方法本文采用文献计量学方法,以PubMed文…read more


English title: Summary of CNS-level publications in China that specify on proteomics in the past year 查找方式 Nature Cell Science及其对应的重点子刊网站 搜索范围为一年内(2020.10-2021.10) 搜索关键词为Proteomics 搜索类型为articles and letters 对于单位在海外的华人学者论文 (eg. articles from Hui Zhang, Rong Fan, etc.) 做剔除 仅用proteomics做验证而非关键表征手段的论文做剔除 查找结果 Quantitative mapping of the cellular small RNA landscape with AQRNA-seqNature BiotechBo Cao, MIT & Qu Fu Normal University Eosinophil extra…read more