Who are the specialists in DIA proteomics?

中文标题:做DIA的蛋白质组牛人有哪些? Please note that authoship is reserved and you must have my consent before reproducing this article. Many researchers are using proteomics as could be witnessed in each year’s HUPO conference. Within them, a group of experts have specialized knowledge on proteomic technologies. Here, based on personal experiences, I nominate a selected list of specialists that are actively contributing to this field, especially in the development of DIA-MS proteomics. Scholars are included r…read more

The road of science is never lonely: A Talking to ECRs interview

One of my volunteer jobs in HUPO is to interview scholars and broadcast their thinkings to the community. This is a recorded 1v1 interview with Dr Brian Searle. The content was originically released by HUPO official Wechat account: HUPO-Wechat. Permission to reproduce the article was granted. Original Title: HUPO ReCONNECT 2021 interview: Brian Searle – Xiao Liang To offer ECRs a better opportunity to have deep communications with established experts in the field of proteomics, HUPO WeChat Offic…read more